Multifamily Investing Made Simple

Rising Interest Rates

April 02, 2022 Anthony Vicino and Dan Krueger Episode 188
Multifamily Investing Made Simple
Rising Interest Rates
Show Notes

We've got an interesting topic, interest rates! Or more specifically, rising interest rates.

And... we have an exciting treat for you dear listeners in this episode, a very special show intro by Dan the show starting man! Apparently, he is your guide and shepherd!

Now, back to today's episode... everyone is talking about the rising interest rates, especially in the single-family market, but how is it affecting the multifamily market?

How do the rising rates affect a refinance on a multifamily property? Are the rates at a point of worry yet?

Find out all of this, and more, on another episode of Multifamily Investing Made Simple, in Under Ten Minutes.

Tweetable Quotes:

"Wealthy people, like billionaires, don't sell ever. They just continue owning and figuring out how to keep leveraging that asset and utilizing it to its highest potential– Anthony Vicino

"We're trying to amass a portfolio and you don't really amass a large portfolio if you're consistently selling things off."  – Dan Krueger

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